Is There Hope For The Homeless?

Like most of you I have been following the news on well what is reported to be the great divide here in the states.  But for me it has been a very eye opening experience.  I had no idea that our country had been so ruined by our past government  If for example you look around you have women screaming on how we have someone in office that hates women yet in my state alone women make 66% of what a man makes and if you are a black woman that is only 49% of what a man makes so I stand here wondering that if the past government failed to fix this then who hates women?  This is just one example I have seen of things going on.  The next example is that illegal children get sent through school while American children are having a hard time going to college and are often times raised with failing schools while they are growing up.

The idea of homeless people can stem from many of factors including the last two.  I was talking with my sister yesterday and I told her that I can remember as a child being taught that the homeless were that way because they were lazy and often times not very nice people.  They prefer to beg for help then work but the truth of the matter is we have to fix how we govern our people because though there are people who like living the homeless life there are many more out there do to lack of jobs, homes, someone who cares, and higher costs,

Please refer to this link when you want to think that there is no hope for the homeless:  Please get involved with the government as we have the right to.  Then tell me is there hope for the homeless?



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