What’s On The News?

I am a big face book fan and love my newsreel page, keeping track as best as I can on everyone and their news, projects, ideas and well needs and wishes.  Also being a big fan of the curious I had at one time followed several news pages.  I mean you never knew when a new species would be found or a new planet discovered or a great human interest article would show up but lately with all this pull of the liberals trying to influences everyone with their twist on ideas I have been letting go and not following any news that is beyond being one sided but leaning towards plan lying to get a story out.

The reason I write this on this fine day in the deep south is to give a few tips to people, first when you son who is beyond level headed comes home from high school and tells you that they learned in school not to listen to news because they tell lies and what you hear most likely is not real.  It makes you think.  When you read through an article and down at the bottom they finally make a statement that is the truth you realize they are trying to form you thought pattern or well make money on a popular topic.  I have stuck with Fox news because they bring up both sides fairly and with kindness and because I don’t want to stick my head in the sand for anyone.  So find a news that is both fair and progressive.

I have learned also that all news stations have a screen that lets them know what types of articles are of interest to the public because they can see you when you come on line or turn on your set.  So I feel a sense of thankfulness that I started just changing the channels when news was well just plan ugly.  So look at what’s on the news before you select to listen.


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