Spring Is In Full Bloom

My daughter and I walked eight miles total this weekend and enjoy tons of blooms from the wisteria to dogwoods and tons of clover.  We had a wonderful time and it felt like summer as we looked for every ounce of shade.  Very pretty out.

Today I think I will spend my time around the house and water some plants.  I am hoping to get some tomatoes here in Louisiana if you plant right you can get two croups of tomatoes to reach maturity but I have very little success with spring plantings as we usually do not have a spring.  We go from winter to summer here, but hands down we are the best state in the union so I just sit back and enjoy what I am given.

I have a group of bumble bees hanging around and have read that bumble bees are the best pollinators for tomatoes and peas.  So I am happy about that.  I am going to do a small post about them later.  I had noticed that they seem to be very curious and clever enough to avoid a camera when the light is reflexing off of it so I have read a little about them and found that there is a group of bumble bees that are not pollinators but this is for another post.



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