Hi all I am hoping that a few kind souls will come and tell me were to start a blog that is more to my level.  I mean I am hoping to bring informative and creative ideas into peoples lives with ways to do things that do not always cost a lot of money.  I hope to bring people tips on how to homeschool, garden, and be apart of caring for the world around us right at home.
Wordpress does not see m to be a good place for this and I seemed to be ignored even when I check out hundreds of blogs everyday and like try to encourage and whatever.  The internet is an unfriendly place.

Anyway can someone suggest a good place for me to blog?  Thanks all appreciate your help


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  1. Agent X · March 24, 2017


    Unfriendly sounds very frustrating. Sorry about that.

    I do not have answers for you. But I saw your post. I care. That may, or may not, be worth much, but I do.

    I know that if you take the time to type it, the very act of that hopes and expects that you will connect with others. And you are reaching out to the whole world on the web! Which means the possibilities should be endless and exciting.

    I only know that my experience, which I believe to be fairly unique in some important ways, winds up with similar results. I have blogged off and on for several years. When I started my latest one almost 2 years ago, I was following advice from a couple of friends, but I really resisted because I think blogging is so vain really. I don’t think it makes THAT MUCH difference in the world really – not most of the time.

    But given t-I-m-e, a lot of it, I have established a few internet friends. And that little wordpress counter is not telling the whole story. I figure is represents an approximate true count, but I see evidence from time to time that it is not accurate and in fact under counts.

    My thought is… be patient. But there are blogs on blogging – experts who give advice and so forth. There are ways of dressing up the blog with eye grabbing headlines or leading questions that put hooks in readers etc. You can put lots of pictures and colors and eye candy on your blog to jazz it up. Yada yada yada yada….

    I dabble a bit in some of that, but I don’t think it really makes the big difference. But if you have something important to say, just say it. My blog is all about Jesus – Bible stuff. I keep leaning on him with it. He doesn’t seem to guide it to a mass reception, but he seems to guide it to a few individuals who take encouragement or conviction or inspiration etc. And some of them come and go….

    On the other side of the coin… the internet, which you described as unfriendly (which is a fair assessment) is all about providing an outlet for information and there are millions of people elbowing there way into this feed trough. Sure, special blogs rise above the fray after a fashion, but the other side of this is that there is now a frenzy where there used to be none. The frenzy used to be the domain of television, radio, and newspapers mostly, now it is personal for millions. All of that has a way of dumbing the whole system down and/or clouding everything. This, then, begs the question: What is success? Lets just say you get 10 thousand hits a day… Should you write for the New York Times then? And what difference, REAL DIFFERENCE, has that organization made in the world – and especially what difference in the matters YOU care about??? I am betting that even the rock stars of blogging have a skin-deep affect on MOST of their readers.

    This is just MY humble offering. I am certain you could get BETTER response from others that might really help you get what you are desiring. And my view is not necessarily “correct” for that matter. But I did read your post; I do care… and this is what I have to offer.

    But I hope you will stick it out. TIME will change things… eventually.


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