Two Blueberries Not More

I told everyone in a blog the other day that I removed my blueberries from their pots and planted them in the tomato garden.  I was alarmed when I saw how little root development on of the plants had but then on reflection I remembered that a branch had broken off one of the bushes and I put it in the ground hoping it would grow.

Fortunately it did as I lost my other bushes and have only two blueberries not more left.  They are doing well in the garden and out of the pots so at the moment I would have to say potted blueberries are harder to grow.  I think the soil should be more loamy.  They need to be kept wet but not drowning so in the heat of the year it becomes harder to work with them.  You need to check them through out the day or put a timed watering hose system on them.  Not sure how their root systems are but I am assuming that they feed by the surface roots and that is why they can not be kept to dry.

The first photo is the branch I grew from the parent plant the second is a plant I bought last year.  You can’t see the leaves in the photo but they are budding out on some of the tips.  My raspberries are loaded now with blooms also I am proud to report.


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