Avocado Tree? Part 3

Avocado tree?  Wow I had no idea or at least forgot how long it takes since I grew one several years ago.  I am wondering how much the earlier maturing of vegetables has to do with it.  I mean I have heard that they have ways to make tomatoes ripen early so I thought perhaps the seeds or pits where not quiet ready to grow.

Still the water in the jar has remained clear and the crack has increased ever so slightly so my hopes are still going strong at this point anyway.

IMG_20170326_102116I finally bought some more avocados but the pits were little except for one which was smaller but then the avocados were a different type.  So I started a new one also.  The water on the second one seems a little cloudy but it could be the jar as I have some jars that are older and have a slight amber tint to them.

IMG_20170326_102153So if you are trying this project remember if the water is not cloudy then your pit is still good so just keep up the faith and the wait.


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