DNA To Test Your Age

Ok the other day I did a blog post on what I feel is a effort to get the masses to have their DNA tested and I have wondered why.  As you remember I mentioned that they put a push to find out what your ancestry is or to whether you are German instead of French.

They  also make a drive to have you test your DNA to find long lost relatives.  That might be a plus or well one would think anyway.  I did a credit check several months ago and they were trying to give me relatives I was not related to and well lets just say the lists of their errors was long.  So if I got tempted to change my resolve to have my DNA tested this would probably be the best one to decide on.  Don’t get me wrong I love all people and want the best for everyone but I know our world has a problem seeing passed  lawless relatives.

But still I am determined to avoid DNA.  I mean who else will be aware of or have excess to these results.  Then today another commercial comes on channel 69 saying have your DNA test done to find out how old you really are.  Yes that is right they can use your DNA to determine the actual age of you cells and DNA structure.

Now this tempts me, if you can find out how your inside structure is doing then you can correct any errors you have made with life time habits right? teloyears.com  On the home page they say control how well you age.  Check it out.  I know this is a little more tempting to me but I think I will continue to hold off on making a decision.  Will you do a DNA to test your age?



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