Letting A Child Take Over

Now I know this sounds a little out there and I agree that it can be but there is times when we as adults need to move over a little.  When I was a kid my favorite memories always stemmed around the kitchen.  Whether I was at camp, in the kitchen with mom or siblings or my favorite cooking with grandma.  Now at camp is the most likely to allow you to put your learn skills at use then home but my grandmother helped also.

I mean I can remember her getting upset with me when I would eat the apple peels as we made ready the apples for cleaning and cutting for an apple pie or grandmas favorite applesauce.  As a child this was wonderful and she would also let me have my way.  I mean I was helping her with the peeling anyway, right?  She never allowed me to do the whole thing but she had a way to make me feel like I played a big part of the production.

Well when Maegan won her cookbook at the park the other day she was so excited.  So I let her pick out the recipes we had the funds to pay for and we went shopping.  She was so cute helping to make the list according to the isle the item was on and as we were shopping she would move ahead in the isle looking for her own things telling me now you get these items and I will find these.  Of course I would not let her get beyond the isle she is not there yet but it was neat to see her skills or organization pop out and her smarts about shopping develop.

She chose to make yogurt pops this time.  George Stella and the Junior League have a good one here.  We used frozen strawberries and plain yogurt and put ours in cups and it was wonderful.  She mashed up her berries and then whipped up the berries with the plain yogurt and about 3/4 cup of sugar.  This treat was cold, tasty and filling as well.  She was so proud and did so well with this project.

IMG_20170327_072034We only used the strawberries this time as to see how well it would go over with the household and it was a hit so she plains to add the kiwi and do a layered one next time she makes it.  Letting a child take over with guidance was fun and rewarding.  We has been making something almost everyday now.


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