What A Little Rain Will Do

I walked the front garden this afternoon after a couple of days of rain then a day of the sun and then more rain.  I was expecting to see a great deal more weeds then before the rain but I was not prepared for what I did see.  I mean it has only been a couple of days since I discovered the tomato that finally sprouted from the Ace 55 seeds I had planted about a month and half ago, and the tomatoes out front were well the same size as the last post I had done of them.

This afternoon though I found them loaded with blooms and almost completely to the top ring of the cage I placed them in.  Wow what a little rain will do.  I have been sick so did not get the fertilizer on them and decided with the rain coming this weekend I would add a little then.  Probably will need to do so now for sure they have grown more then double in just three days.

The bumble bees have discovered them as well.  I was looking out the front window and noticed one bumble bee flying around them.  Very happy to do my small part for them with all the news of bees being put on the endangered species.  www.knnownews.com  follow this link if you want to read about the first bumble bee put on the endangered species list as they begin to notice it is not in the Smokies.  Not the bumble I have in my yard as well there are 250 types of bees but trying to do what small part I can to aid the bees.

If you look the wire at the top of the picture is the tope of the three ring wire cage I use for my tomatoes.


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