Water Park

Heading to the city park today for some water fun and to do a class project.  Today Maegan will be doing her animal shoot and what a better place then the park.  Just the squirrels alone will give her the opportunity she needs for some cute playful shots.

What I like about homeschooling is the opportunity to change up the schedule a little from time to time.  I mean the most important part of any child’s life is a schedule and the security that comes to them through a routine they can count on, so we are in school the same time every day and do the same classes at every hour.  But I do like the freedom to give her like a Saturday class with an hour off early on Friday.

Our park or the one we are going to today has an area for several ways to be sprinkled by water.  In most cases you are literally soaked.  This is safer then a pool and maybe cleaner also.  Not sure of the exact way but the water is recycled through so as to reduce water use as well.

Will send photo when we return home.


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