The New Age: Drones

Right at the beginning of my blogging life I wrote and article on drones.  Telling everyone of their usefulness for taking photo’s from above, helping farmers monitor their croups and farm, great for the army and really a help with finding someone lost in vast wilderness.

Well I found and studied my information about drones just as they were coming out and were not yet being used for those purposes as of yet.  Now and daily they are being added to the above areas of use and are being updated and advanced daily.

Today I heard on the news that they are now working on a way for people to be alerted that a drone is in the area and give someone control over a drone that is attempting to invade your privatize or well lets hope that is all.

They are now being used by terrorist and tough I do not like to be alarming I would say  that owning one now makes us need to be more responsible to follow the rules for them.  You can check with the FDA for rules and keep updated on them, and to see how to get licensed to fly one.  Happy flying if you have one and hope to see your photo’s from them sometime soon.



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