Bucket List: Things I Would Like to Do.

When I was growing up I always thought that having a bucket list or as I knew it then wish list were for things that were wild dreams so far out there that you would never do them.  Like the song in The Wizard of Oz, Over the Rainbow.  As I grew up I became to realize that for most it meant things that we could do but are out of our reach for one reason or another.

Mainly because we don’t think we can.  Well,  I had never wanted to fly in a plane and prided myself on not doing so for so many years.  Really made me happy but guess what.  Two years ago I had to fly and not just once but four times.  Yuck.  I bought a movie both ways.  Except for the short flights from Houston to Alexandria (which those planes were like cigars.

Anyway, for my bucket list I want to accomplish these few things:

  1.  Write a book and become a publish author.
  2. Go to the beaches of Carolina they have nice shells there.
  3. Buy a small amount of land to move my mobile home too.
  4. Help bring awareness to needs of our own country
  5. Learn more about poetry
  6. Learn to paint and allow me to follow my own style

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