Butterfly: The Garden

A couple of days late but have gotten my Maegan’s butterfly garden going.  We had to place our seeds in the refrigerator for two weeks which was Thursday the 7th of April for us here.  We never received the seeds for the bees from Cheerios, I guess it was the news articles on how the seeds had seeds you did not want to plant.

The seeds we got were from a save the Monarch group.  You can find them on saveourmonarch in a facebook group.  http://www.facebook/saveourmonarch as a matter of fact.

I planted the garden in a bed I have been developing for about two years.  It is up by the front bed and surrounded by my citrus trees which attracts the beautiful swallowtail butterfly   They love the leaves on the citrus so please consider not spraying you citrus trees.  The amount of sun should be just right for the milkweed plant giving it some shade in the am and some in the pm, gets hot here so like to give the plants a break.

I am very excited as the Alexandria Zoo has a plant that is a milkweed and it is a very appealing plant to look at.


Note that a cider block row is between Maegan’s butterfly garden and the front bed.  The box is a guard between the new compost bed and flower plot.  Trying not to waste but be more eco friendly.  You will note a few weeds as well.  I think here in Louisiana it helps to keep a few weeds about to hold moisture and prevent so much soil run off when the heavy rains come, at least this is my experiment and belief at this time.



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