The Wow Factor

I was looking around the wordpress blogs yesterday and reading posts by others noticing how many really had no looks and no likes and it made me wonder.

Whenever you read about writing blogs it is always write without worry about mistakes and use your own tone but not be the same as others give them the usual and the wow factor.

But my question is with so much wow factor out there has it not just become ordinary?  Really writing a blog to be noticed is very hard an well a lot of love too.  The search engines have their rules for being noticed and a lot is based on content.  Seems easy right but it is again not so.  Pictures have to match, links included and named right and again the wow factor must be present.

One thing I think I have down with blog writing is keeping it fresh and showing progress with the web page.  So I write daily and well through out the day when thoughts come  I give my tips in small content of words to be helpful but not lecturing and I continue with the best look and engine friendly design.  Hopefully people friendly design as well.

As for the wow factor, I probably fall short more like ordinary and simple.


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