How Does My Garden Grow?

I wanted to write quickly this morning to show how the tips I have given on the adding of fertilizers during heavy rain days have built my garden quickly over the last month but trying to take a photo of it is impossible it is so large.  I picked a hot pepper to show also as it is huge compared to normal growth or at least last years croup.  These peppers will grow for years in the south unless you have a deep freeze during the winter months.

I have as you can remember used mainly cow manure extra weathered or cured.  With some of the chicken yard manure also cured in the sun for a few months for the roses and berries.

See if you can take a look and tell if it has grown or not!


I put the photo I took at the beginning of my garden taken about two months ago at the beginning so that you can see the growth better.

Remember on the fertilizer you can use a good vegetal and fruit fertilizer and mix it with water as you water.  A good one of course is Miracle Grow but there are others out there and your garden shop should be able to advise or family and friends who garden as well.



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