Blackberries or Logan Berries?

This afternoon  Maegan and I are going to go and pick some berries that grow wild up the road from us.  These berry bushes have  grown a lot and spread out in the last two years since I first discovered them.  Usually by the time I go to pick them there a very little and they are quite dry.

Well once again that is my northwest time schedule I am living in.  There the berries ripen in August thru the fall.  Here it seems it is April that they start to ripen,   Now these berries are longer then any black berry I have know so I am not sure if they are blackberries or Logan berries.  They could be a Marion berry as well but I am going to take the opportunity to gets some starts as well to try and grow some in my yard.

Have always loved berries mainly fresh but a pie is to die for.  I don’t think I will make a pie tough want to eat these ones we pick today and then hopefully get some frozen later.  I will send or add a photo to this later to see if anyone can tell what berries they are.

Remember though berries here are a little dryer and not quite as plump because we tend to be hotter then were the berries so love to grow.  I noticed that the berries on the mulberry bushes tend to be drier too.


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