Poetry: Why Is It So Difficult?

I began some web searching this morning on different types of poems to begin writing something new.  I have enjoyed the Haiku so thought I would try a sonnet.  Oh that goes to music so I moved on down the line two were used to write about something sad and that is hard for me so I found Couplets, they are two line poems that must have the same amount of syllables and the ends words must rhythm.  See www.thelatinoauthor.com/poetry/types.  I also went to www.poetry.com.  Latino author states that shortest poems are the most popular.  Ok I am thinking that’s for me, or so I thought these two line couplets are not that simple.  It is hard to give a solid theme of thought that draws the mind to thinking in just two lines.  Still I have fun with it and entered two into my blog.  Working as I said on one of my bucket list items.

Still it is difficult to learn all the different types of poetry, poetry why is it so difficult.  I hardly know but I have enjoyed what I have done and think I will enter some in the poetry.com site.


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