Unravel: Were Did It Begin

via Daily Prompt: Unravel

Unravel oh no probably not a good word to put out there for me this morning.  Everyday I look about me to my fellows and see a group of people moving in maddest and hate, ready to pounce on someone who sees things in a different light because the hate they hold is blinding  their  eyes.

And I say were it began, when did the very foundation of our great country began to unravel.  Truly it is while I slept and maybe even you too.  I mean when we do worry about our own children anymore but hold on to other children coming here from other lands and then we ask for more.

While soldiers sleep on the streets and houses in cities great crumble laying empty and forgotten.  Not my problem they seem to say your an American you should need no help it is the other lands children,  and helpless we must hold.

Yes when did American unravel.  I could throw out some answers but that would do no good for the liberals out there that think they can save the world while they beat up there fellow citizens to prove their right and the whole world becomes aware that American has unraveled.  Unravel: where did it begin?  Ask yourself this my friend and remember only a house that stands together will be strong.  Let’s remember our own first and make America great again.

Ant then we can help those around us once again.


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