Deadliest Catch

My family and I have been a fan of this real life show since I stumbled upon it on about three years ago.  The first program in the story  started in 2005.  This show is based on the lives of crab fisherman and I was surprised at how much I love the program.  I do not eat crab and the closest I have come is imitation crab.

Still this program is a good educational program as well.  For instance this year we are learning that the Bering Sea is warmer then ever at about 55 degrees so the fishing ships are heading out farther then ever and setting their traps deeper.  The population of the King crab is down also this year so the quota they have is much smaller.  Making for some hard fishing and quick fishing.  These boats cost a lot to run so every minute will count.  The has a good article about the current quotas and also mentions a new sandwich McDonalds plans to put out in the California.

The prices will be up on crab this year as well, sorry you crab lovers are probably ahead of me on that one but it leaves me wondering if perhaps this may be one of the last seasons at all for king crab or will they adapt some creatures do.

We loved the show last night and of course our favorite ship as ahead when the show ended.  We love the Northwestern a shipping family out of Seattle, Washington.  The Captain is Sig Hansen and the boat is family owned and operated.  They come from a long line of fisherman so their skill is much practiced and loved.  See .

Our second favorite and much loved is the Time Bandit,  another family owned fishing family with one of the Captain being a children author.  We got a book of his last year signed of course.  Very happy Maegan was to get it too.

Were am I going with all this?  Just this learning can be a lot of fun and connecting with each other is also easier then it has ever been.  Check out the show and see what you learn and if you don’t develop a special love for these guys and their families.  Deadliest Catch.  Watch it.


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