Milkweed: Are They Sprouting

Ok there is excitement in the schoolroom today.  We checked the butterfly garden and what did we see but a pattern of sprouting seeds mainly in the spots were we had placed the milkweed seeds.  So excited we are.  Not sure at this time what type of milkweed we have so will have to see.  There are hundred and ten species in North American alone .  I am assuming ours will be the common type but am not sure.

I took some photo’s so I hope I am not shouting out with joy to soon, but well it is fun.  Saw a monarch butterfly on the way home from the store getting some nectar from some purple clover.  I noticed it is a favorite of the bumble bee as well and the honey bees like the white clover.

Notice in the photo’s that are about to be added that Maegan and I chose to leave some of the mulch from the compost pile on top with the soil hoping to keep the soil from running off until the plants roots can get a deep start.

The sprouts are pretty close to the grow which should mean the stocks will be strong and heavy for strength against the winds or heavy rain.  A good indication that it is getting the right amount of sun.

Here too is a couple of pictures of a cat called Greyjoy she monitors the garden for me.

Her blanket is sunning in on top of Chance’s dog kennel.  My broader collie he love his kennel and considers it his outside room.   Well that will be a different story except I will give the name of the manufacture for the kennel.  They are called Lucky Dog and I bought it from Wal Mart online.

Will keep you posted.  Milkweed are you sprouting?


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