Never Give Up Never Surrender.

I have found some helpful tips this morning for running a blog or I would image it would be a commercial website as well.  One is theme.  It should not be over loaded with stuff as it looks more like your personal blog and not one that you are writing  for others.  Two be prepared to change your ideas of what your main blog idea is, for example if you start a blog to write about tomato gardening but your readers read your recipe column more then switch  to recipes as main idea.  Third don’t have so many categories it is confusing to the reader and is something I am going to reduce later today myself.  Fourth only have one social media button on your page pick out one that you are the most interested in and stick to it.  The more you have slows your website down and makes the search engines over look you.

Fifth popularity is the main thing.   I decided to read an article that had made the first page of the web search so I typed in garden and what surprised me is that on the first page was Walmart for selling lawn and garden things you have to go in a few pages to find how to garden articles and then these are Bonnie, Farmers Alamac, etc.  No individual bloggers for sometime.  So we really do need each other if anyone follows your blog and takes the time to read and like, comment optional, you should return the favor.  It would help you in the long run as it would draw more people to the word press blogging system and  raise it up.

I have also decided that when I start following again I am going to stick with the idea that if I am looking, reading and liking and sharing which I have on several social media’s I am not going to be ashamed of dropping a followers that never look at mine.  I don’t mean to be terrible but it takes so much time for the blog, and carefully reading all those that I follow that I can’t waste time.

I went yesterday to discovery section to see if I could find some blogs that may be closer to my interest to see if anyone would take an interest in me.  Which looks to a good idea to do from time to time, but yesterday all that I could think is that with all their success in their blog and much better blogs it was hopeless.  But never give up never surrender.


(Never give up never surrender is a quote from the movie Galaxy Quest a 1999 film I want to give them credit for the quote) Screenshot_43


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