Existence: Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

I saw an news article the other day about an actor who believes we are not all created equally and life was not fair.  I can agree that life is not fair but as far as not being equal well I believe we all are.

I mean to be born with physical problems or an illness that is life changing I can not relate to but I have know many people who live with these conditions in their life and they do many good and beautiful things in the world.

I wanted to write this as a challenge for all to see each of us and special with different thoughts, bodies and abilities.

Here is a poem that I found in a free book from the local library.   The book is called A Different Path compiled by Dolly Selby Gilliland.  The poem is called Life by Norman E. Selby III:

The most extraordinary fusion that could produce you

and only you

An incredible gift we have been given.

Your chances of being are a trillion to one.

A priceless gift from the maker,

So use it wisely, and enjoy!

Each life is a different adventure.

Fate or your own willpower will endow you to pursue

a path of your mind’s eye;

Or, will the real events compete and overtake your


If the small bird does not try his wings, will we not

hear the lovely song he sings?

A small seed in the ground does go, and then a

beautiful flower does grow.

Life, use it wisely and enjoy!

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made and not a one of us is unequal.  Lets us enjoy the existence of our lives and the lives of others and do it as do we believe we are all equal because we are!



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