Robots: Will They Take Our Jobs?

I remember an upset customer at a Kroger store here in Alexandria a few years ago.  A man  and his family got loudly upset about the store having the self serve check out registers as they were afraid that people would be losing their jobs.  The managers ignored him and a couple of cashiers just stared.

I had thought he was being rather crazy.  After all someone still has to monitor these registers and help customers in need which seemed to me to be a bigger job then just one register but then I found out that they now have robots that can operate on people and well you guessed it Alexandria has one.  The doctor sits at the computer screen and controls the robot from were he sits.  I am told it is better and faster healing then regular surgery.  Less people are necessary too during the surgery.

Over the news the last two days I have heard from Mark Cuba, who is pushing for government funding to research and build robots, says that robots will cut jobs and that the more repetitive the job is the more likely they will soon be replace by computers.

I was surprised when he said jobs like receptionist would soon be the first to go.  I mean I would have thought that seeing a robot at a doctor office instead of a person to tell them you are there for your appointment might be alarming but I guess these are just repetitive jobs that don’t need humans to do.

There are many jobs put at risk and yet Mr. Cuba says that you can’t stop progress. This is going to be the way of the future.  Should we really stand by and allow this to happen? Robots: will they take our jobs?


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