Lost In a Corn Maze

via Daily Prompt: Maze

When my youngest daughter was about 14 we went with our church group to a corn maze in Monroe Louisiana.  It was an large maze filled with mummies, axe murders, headless horsemen you name it.

We were having a blast and all of us seem to being staying together well.  At least at first we were but as time went on I realized that a handful of us were way beyind the others.  We stopped and listened for the voices of our group but could not here anything expect for some chuckles seeming to come from a long ways off.

Needless to say the fear of being separated from our friends and everyone else for that matter.  Lost in this maze was more frightful then the maze itself.

So I had to be the brave one for the kids still with me and we guessed and moved onward.  A few minutes later when the chainsaw murder jumped out to frighten us you can understand his surprise when I walked up to him and asked for directions.  Thankfully after he stared at us for a couple of minutes he told us which way to go and we happily got frighten by all the scary things along the way to our friends.

Best maze adventure I and my daughter ever had and yes all of the others were waiting for us inside the bus when we finally came out.


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