Ever Changing

Lately I have been noticing how much life is ever changing.  This weekend my living room light switch decided to throw  some sparks so off I went to Homebase Sutherlands for some electrical repair supplies.  Well I looked at some how to videos on you tube first of course.  Well I used to work there and wow how it has changed.  Ever changing life goes on before us!

Well I finished the switch without hurting myself or burning down the house.  So we have return to normal here at least except for my garden.  My little girl picked me up some flowers for mother days and I did some changing of my front garden.



I straighten out the block and added about a foot to the flower bed.  Then we put in some flowers plus planted some water melon seed.  So my garden continues to grow in several ways.  I left the clover on purpose trying to keeps some of my beds with nature flowering plants that seem to attract bees and butterflies.


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