Survive In the Desert


via Daily Prompt: Survive

Running through bushes

and digging forts in the sand

 walking through deserts

with sandwiches and water

climbing high hills

looking  for treasure

instead chasing long tailed lizards

over a rocky edge

building forts in old cars

and spraying scorpions

with a can of raid

I look back and wonder

how did we survive

as kids in the desert


2 thoughts on “Survive In the Desert

  1. Your poem inspired these haiku, thank you 🙂

    deserts… wonderlands
    you see nothing but sand for miles
    look again… it moves

    dunes they creep move
    oft burying treasures of old
    cacti flourish

    look close you might see
    lizards diving snakes gliding
    chameleons changing

    the desert playground
    wonders to be discovered
    survive its rigours


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