The Tomato Worm

I went out to the garden to find I had tomato worms.  At first glance I was excited thinking they were Monarch caterpillars as the tomato worm is actually very nice looking worm.  I gathered what I found of them as well they had eaten quiet a bit of the plant they were on already.  The thing about them is they are not the least bit  worried about you standing there, the nerve of them.

Now I have to think about what to do as I really don’t want to put out anything to kill them as I might do damage to the eco system I am trying to develop in my garden and yard as a whole.  Anyway, I went looking them up on the net and here is some tips I got for those of us like me that think being a good manager of our world around us is the first best step in helping keep the world a better place.

Screenshot_8Tomato hornworms    I learned this year that the hornworms are in the soil at the being of the season so by tilling several times before planting will greatly reduce and control the pest.  I have lots of wasp in my garden but I guess not the ones that prey on these little worms.

Here is some tips for getting rid of these from the Almanac  I got the photo to show you what they look like from this link as well take a look.



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