Foraging A Way of Life

I have gotten into my head lately that I want to start some notebooks at home on foraging.  I started thinking about this as well it seems we as people are to dependent on what is brought to us in the way of food.  So much is processed in ways that well are not healthy but yet have not been approved by the average person.  So one of the advantages of making ends meet is it makes you think of options.

So I am getting started this week with my notebooks to keep with me until I get more and more educated on edible plants and flowers.  Of course, one of the big things to consider also is were you are getting them to eat for example gathering edible flowers from the side of a road may not be a good idea as of chemicals from cars, and spraying for weed control along the road side.

So foraging a way of life may just be a good idea to get started at as well as learning to grow organically and raise vegetables in containers as well. is a good link for monthly ideas of foraging as well as for beginners.  Here is a good site from the UK as well .

Remember not to litter while out and about and be considerate of the ecosystem where you are foraging.



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