Granddaughters window

The funny thing happened when we were out mowing the lawn and pruning up a little bit of the weeds around the edge of the back side of my mobile home. I discovered that my lady Banks was no longer just a single Bush that she had developed three more right beside her. So what I decided to do was to have my granddaughter saw them down at the bottom and then let him dry and I’ll remove them later.
So as we were finishing up with the three two extra bushes or three extra bushes from Sprout it off from the main Bush I know the Savannah branch that was headed underneath the trailer or mobile home from the main branch. Jamaican manage to reach yourself underneath there and felt that it was secure enough for her to continue cutting. Minus all is a new non-electric one and very easy and secure to solve with so I felt that as long as she was comfortable and I was there so she was signed and managed to knock to support of the Rose.

So I had to take over for her and support the main branches of the rosebush and try to get the support back and play switch I found it without taking some more branches off I couldn’t so I’m cutting away when I was 7 I realized I was holding a bird’s nest dude in my hands.

So I quickly had at the nest to Megan instruction or not to touch the two baby birds and I finish catching the branches quickly attached and ask back in an approximate area where I noticed I was holding on to it and we watched.

Well of course that that that particular time with his outside she didn’t come in to her nest so we went inside and watch for my granddaughters window and too much to our relief we were Overjoyed when the mother Bird returned and just better babies like nothing that happened. Well since then I had to go out and bend other branches to cover the spot cuz I mean this thing was so sick before I cut it and so the baby was more out in the open so I’ve been some branches over and she seems to be perfectly happy.

Rose is a Haven for songbirds


Happy Bat Day

Check out @Interior’s Tweet:

I for one who had to share this with you in my blog I have learned to love bats living here by the Bayou. The bats I see here love to eat mosquitoes.
You’ll see them flying around just as it gets dusk and a lot of times I’ve wondered why they’ve never tried to touched my hair since I read somewhere that they do have a tendency to do that but nonetheless it is always reassuring to know they’re out there hunting for mosquitoes just before dark.

Of course of garden freaks can appreciate the fact that bats are also known to help propagate certain types of fruit by spreading pollen. Nice sometimes right about bees and other pollinating creature such as the Bumblebee. And I think I have at times giving people the idea that you do not have to use care with these creatures. So at this point I just wanted to point out you can do a whole lot appreciation with your eyes and curiosity but keep your hands off.

Take a look at the from the USDA it’s about bats and bat Appreciation Day thanks and I hope you are having a good day.

Mulberries are For The Birds

Last year I shared a photo of my mulberries that were about 3 ft high. I was impressed because they grew so quickly when transplanted form their 6 in pot.

Now this year they are about 8ft tall and are loaded with berries. I planted them because I wanted a bird friendly way to keep birds out of my black berries, but I have discovered that these berries are excellent in favor and very healthy for you. Check out this organic website organic facts they have a good description of this berries health benefits. tells facts if the varieties of trees and growing them. I can not say it takes 10 years to produce because I have had mine for only 3 years and berries are on my youthful trees. Mine are a Russia variety very good taste.

So are mulberries for the birds? I think I will be sharing mine.

My Garden

Good day everyone. I don’t have a lot of followers or views but I still am grateful to all of you, I have meet some wonderful people who have shared my peck along blog.

My garden is doing well, have just one small bed, so thought I should show everyone some photos and tips.

These are my Creoles a tomato I am trying their year. They are still small but have some blooms already. I am mulching around them to keep the weeds in check. A tip I got from the LSU representative. I hope to keep water in as well. Here is a link to LSUA.

Here are some photos I took of my berries. So loaded this year. I don’t have the mulch spread as around them yet. I am using dried weeds and grass clipping from my lawn maintenance.

This is a photo of what was suppose to be my climbing Peace rose. I due known what happen as you can see it is not a Peace rose,but the bees love it so it stays. Here is a link to wild rose that I believe this rose is.

My beautiful Lady Banks, purple. So happy with them this year.

Photo of a rose I am trying to save looks more like the Peace rose.

And my last photo is of my tiger lilies. My favorite of the lilies. Here is a good link for information on them.

Thanks again.

All photos by Karen Smith

Changed Up My Blog

I have changed up my blog site all and you may notice I have taken blogs I follow off from my widgets.  This is because I seem to stop getting peoples post on my reader after the allotted 50 blogs I follow is complete.  I have also finally managed to do an gravator which is of a bumble bee as I have no good photo’s of myself.  Probably from a life time of being camera shy.

I had wanted to mention here that my bumble population has increased a great deal from last year.  They seem to be as many as twenty and still buzz around with a great deal of playfulness.  I need to get more time to post this information to  Here is a map I found on their site that shows the areas of reported bumble bee reports but can not find the list of the species of these bumbles.

Bumble Bee map


Our We Human Beings or Monsters

I will probably be a little mean here because I can not see how in an age of research, understanding and wonder we could still want to go an aim a gun at an animal just to bring home it’s body parts.  And to do so to an animal that is highly intelligent and wonderfully loyal is beyond me.  Yes they are hunting big game animals and making furniture out of them.

I felt so helpless because I had even went so far as to write the President to state my opinion on this subject which is so out of character for me and it seem to work but the the wonderful court systems of my beloved country have decided to overrule this decision to ban hunting and so there you go.  My heart is heavy so I plea to all of us around the world to answer this question WHY?

We close circuses so kids can no longer see elephants or lions or tigers because they were cruel but we kill them for a craved piece of jewelry.  A Queen should be ashamed to have such a jem.


Is the picture you would like to be known for.  I hope never to see this person in my life.  Elephants mate for life, take a long time to have children and are so loving to each other so we kill them.  I think we would do better to learn from them.  Heaven help us all for what we are.

I am going to share a portion of an article I found on

Screenshot_77 is the link if you would like to read the whole article.

So today I am in sorrow but I wonder when would I be able to end the sorrow.  Do I go to your house or remain away for fear of the elephant coffee table I may find!   Are we human beings or monsters?