Angry Sky

Looking up into the angry sky

I start to wonder if I should fly

away from here with this uncertain threat

that looms above my head

where to go the air seems to say

I do not know but should I stay?

As I turn to and throw

my thoughts seem to grow

with a wisdom I did not know

could be inside my soul

Hold your ground

let your faith go

and the strength that is there

can not be torn from here

let peace flow as gentle flowers

from the heart of your belief


Poem of sorts by Karen Smith

photo’s also by Karen Smith


Blogging At The Library

I am always amazed at what the library offers. Though as a child I spent so little time at a library I grew up to find libraries more than useful. If you like relaxing and people watch the library is for you. Personally, I love getting lost in the books. Still ours here have been offering classes, coloring time for adults, movies and well lots of good reads. They have a lot of auto books as well for those who are doing crafts like knitting but still what a good read.
I am taking advantage of the internet these days. Going to use it for my blogs and write posts up at home then send them to the blog the next day. Let’s see how that helps.
Blogging at The Library

I saw her sitting there
Looking as if she was doing
Nothing so I sat beside her and waited
When she did not look up
I cleared my throat and when she failed to notice
I said excuse me my name is……
She looked up then and said
Excuse me can’t you see I’m blogging?


I will be blogging at the library myself so I hope to see you there.  If anyone is ever in the great Town of Alexandria LA.   I recommend going to the library to spend some time and check out what they have to offer.  City of Alexandria LA or see Alexandria Library .

What Is Lost

Funny how I woke today

thinking that everything was still the same

and as I stumbled towards my coffee pot

knocking the cobwebs from my brain

I see that nothing is the same

I set out to except the change

boldly foraging as I go

finding I like the change

but still long for what is lost