Creole Tomato


Creole Tomato

I have been having a time getting these little seedlings to grow.  Started them inside but they kept wilting away.  My daughter said perhaps the moisture in the house was to much for them so took them outside to keep the moisture down and even.  Seems to be working at least on this pot.  They are starting their second leaves now.

Screenshot_18Creole tomato myths vs. facts: There is not just one type of ‘Creole’. Creole tomatoes are not a particular cultivar. When farmers in Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes called their tomatoes Creole, it meant they were grown in the rich alluvial soil of the area and vine ripened because they did not have to be transported far to market.
Creole tomato myths vs. facts: There is not just one ,


Rainbow Bubbles


Laughter gives life

beauty rejoices new

rainbow bubbles


Heart Connections

Heart connections

lie within our souls

wounds open


When the Day Unfolds

We stood at the bus stop

under light 25

as birds flew from tree to line

fluffy clouds danced on the wind

while the sun poked

its head up and smiled again

the bus bears down the road at us

it windows full of peaking eyes

the doors open onto the unknown

once more we are off to dangers untold?

who knows what you get when the day unfolds.



that I am small
natures jewerly


Butterfly Koi

Butterfly Koi
queen of the pond fish
grace touched



Bubbles Float

Bubbles float

before our eyes

joy sets in