Single flowers

Like clusters of tiny stars

Joined by stems of green

To slender long leaves

Rooted to the earth together

Fed daily


By Karen Smith

I have always wondered why Jesus was called the lily of the valley and yesterday it accused to me that he is called that because he gathers us to him to be joined in beauty with him. So I created this poem for all of us, no one left out and all special as we are.

Don’t let go of yourselves. Be assured that being yourself is the best gift you can give.



via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

What can I say?  Acceptance!  Looking a social media, turning on the news, picking up the news paper, sending your kids to school, abiding by your local laws.  Acceptance is the new bad word.  I do not know how to talk about acceptance anymore.  Acceptance is dividing and destroying a country and teaching young people hate and disrespect.  Never in my life time have I ever seen so much trouble by people who are well practicing acceptance.

If I had one word this year I could ask to leave the English language it would be acceptance.  Acceptance were have you gone so wrong.