Avon a good way to make Money for Mom.

I started selling Avon here a couple of months ago to try to make a little extra with online sells.  I love ordering myself on line with Avon and have had nothing but success.  So I can say it is a reliable company to order from and has very good quality products.  I love Skin so Soft and their chap sticks are my favorite.  Most of the lotions are a very good way to pamper yourself through out the day.

Here is the link to my website to order from me and thank you in advance.  Avon representative Karen Smith .


Avon and Me

With school starting up I am wanting to make this year full of extra outside classes.  I had found that even libraries offer little classes on art and such.   Some costing nothing but some costing a small fee.  So I decided to sale Avon to help me reach these goals.

I am aiming for the online sales and have set it up accordingly.   So now off to the web to reach for customers.  If anyone has tips feel free to notify me.   I realize that most of us prefer shopping online I know I do because it keeps me at home more and being busy this is important to me.  I have order online from Avon  for a few months before deciding to do this and had nothing but good results.

Avon and Me are headed to school this year and I am hoping to make this year special here is the link to order from me, Avon representative Karen Smith.  Thank you in advance.