Bayou Rapides Christian Academy is holding classes this 2016/17

I am proud to say I got my email back from the State and we are approved to teach again this year.  We are very excited around here to say the least.

School books are already in a waiting thanks to a fast book store.  I order from Christian Home school Store this year.  I bought my curriculum from Bridgeway Academy, find the link here, last year and it cost me $850.00 dollars so I feel like I got a great deal of $229.00 at the Christian Home-school store.  Each group of books comes with the teachers guide for correcting, ideas on how to teach the subject and extra lessons.  I am using the Lifepac curriculum this year instead of the Horizon’s as I was impressed with the math and thought the lessons where broken up into smaller lessons books making it seem not so frightening to a child.  I have taken a photo of a page in the lesson book to give you an idea  what I will be teaching.  If you are considering homeschooling  yourself, you will find most books seller will let you see photos of the lessons of the curriculum you are interested in this helps.  When I ordered through Bridgeway I had no idea what the lessons be like and though we enjoyed them and learned a lot the lessons I have now seem more up dated.

Screenshot_385 Screenshot_386

Bayou Rapides Christian Academy is set to hold classes this coming year and we are delighted excited and ready to teach with our new curriculum.