On The Subject of Bees

I saw a news report from California the other day about a swarm of bees that had attacked a family and their pet dog.  They also invaded a neighbors house while they were and ended up with some loss of some bees the man stated with sadness in his voice.  He had attempted to stir them back outside but some would not go so he had to spray them.

The poor dog was stung 300 times and I am not aware of what his state is tonight.  It turned it the bees were living in a old dead tree on their property and had become quite large.  I guess they thought everything would be find but it turned out tragic for everyone including the bees.

So I felt the need to write this entry since I am a bee protector.  If you notice a hive of bees please call someone to collect them a lot of bee keepers will collect them for free and it continues to promote safety for non bee keepers and bees.  A lot of colleges that have agriculture classes will have information on who to call.  And there is always the internet.  I have on web address for Louisiana but I know there are a lot of sources out there.


So on the subject of bees remember without them we don’t eat and help protect yourself and the bees please.


Dandelion In Spring

I have been sharing on facebook some articles on leaving your dandelions in the yard at the beginning of spring as it makes good first food of bees.  Well with the heat of last summer and fall most of my dandelions had been burnt but I did have a few come back this year and left them in place.

They are good in salads to so I do not put grass feed and weed on my yard as I am going to be using them in salad soon.  Dandelions are very good source of vitamins for us as well as chickens, rabbits and goats.

Anyway, I went out this afternoon to try some of the chicken fertilizer I had saved from my chickens that I cured in the sun for a couple of months on to my pomegranates and thought I would show you a photo of a sweet bee out enjoying a dandelion in spring.

Feed The Bees

Been having some very lovely weather here and I am very happy indeed.  Wonder about the summer though when we are about on the average 15 degrees higher then normal everyday this winter expect the days we had the hard freeze.

I am going to start putting out some food for hummingbirds and the bees.  Tomorrow should be a good day for that.  I saw an article on facebook were stores have been send excess sugar to feed the bees don’t know how true that is but it sparked an idea in my head anyway.  One good way to help keep my little attempts at good earth keeping and build my little eco system I am trying to develop in my yard.  I am going to try a mixture of brown sugar and water of course for the hummingbirds I have their nectar all selected for them.

My berries are putting on new growth and I hope to get some this year.  I have some raspberries (2 types) and blackberries.  A few strawberry plants have survived to and I am going to work on their soil tomorrow.  Adding some cow fertilizer and breaking up the soil around the plants, being careful not to mess with the roots.