We Grow Wild

I love the comments that are coming in and think it is one of the best functions of the blogging society.  I am trying to develop my skills at adding comments as to do so for a blog is different then anywhere else.  So when a friend of mine yesterday reminded me of the work to maintain black and raspberries in your garden I decided to start looking up some information on how to do this.

I ran across a site that gave a great deal of help in a short amount of words which really  helped me check it out www.gardeningknowhow.com .  I found out that blackberries only give berries on stalks that are 2 years old so once they bear fruit on a branch that branch can be cut to the ground during pruning

Raspberries can be cared for the same way as blackberries with the tipping and the pruning of old canes.  Here is a good link from the National Arbor Day check it out www.arborday.org .  And wikihow has not only information but nice illustrations on how to pick a plant, location to plant, etc… go see www.wikihow.com .

So thank you my friend for reminding of my blackberries as we will grow wild, we blackberry bushes.


Blackberries Again

Ok so yesterday we had to cancel our trip to pick our little berry patch.  It started raining as se left but we went ahead on.  I don’t mind rain and this was a nice soft rain, but then we got half way there when I heard thunder moving our way.

We got there today and it was good and warm.  The bushes were loaded with berries so it did not take us long to pick.  We brought Maegan’s dog with us and she joined in to picking her some and eating them on the spot.  No need to wait for sugar for her.  I had wanted to take a photo but she finished as fast as she started.

There was a pleasant surprise upon returning home. The cherry tomatoes are producing tomatoes.

These tomatoes are tinier then this shows in the photo so it will be a few days need to water them now everyday.

I am sending the best sample of a photo for the berries we picked today as well.  I ruled out loganberries as the berries look different and the leaves are not the same shape.

marion berries