My Garden

Good day everyone. I don’t have a lot of followers or views but I still am grateful to all of you, I have meet some wonderful people who have shared my peck along blog.

My garden is doing well, have just one small bed, so thought I should show everyone some photos and tips.

These are my Creoles a tomato I am trying their year. They are still small but have some blooms already. I am mulching around them to keep the weeds in check. A tip I got from the LSU representative. I hope to keep water in as well. Here is a link to LSUA.

Here are some photos I took of my berries. So loaded this year. I don’t have the mulch spread as around them yet. I am using dried weeds and grass clipping from my lawn maintenance.

This is a photo of what was suppose to be my climbing Peace rose. I due known what happen as you can see it is not a Peace rose,but the bees love it so it stays. Here is a link to wild rose that I believe this rose is.

My beautiful Lady Banks, purple. So happy with them this year.

Photo of a rose I am trying to save looks more like the Peace rose.

And my last photo is of my tiger lilies. My favorite of the lilies. Here is a good link for information on them.

Thanks again.

All photos by Karen Smith


The Blackberry Out Front

This year I have learned a valuable lesson in life.  When you plant keep a record.  When I planted my blackberries and raspberries I thought it would be nothing to keep track of but I forgot to consider how busy life can be what with homeschooling, outings and a great amount of household responsibilities.  Boom you have forgotten.

I had planted a berry bush in my front garden and well had thought it was a raspberry.  The first year of course it did not produce anything and remained a small plant but this year it is huge and has large berries, large and long.  And the color well they are not raspberries.  These berries are very juicy but firm and about 1 inch in length but are bigger at one end then the other and they are a beautiful black color.  The only thing I can think is that I must have planted a Marion Berry.

Screenshot_10I know this sound strange not to know what you planted really but I have decided to advise myself and all who will listen to keep a diagram record of your garden beauties.  Still we are starting to get some nice berries from this bush and well it is quiet large.

They could be Apache blackberries as well.


The above photo is an example of the Apache blackberry and this is more what my berries look like it is just that I had thought I put the Apache to the side of the house and not the front.  Smiles now with slightly redden face here, but I can tell you they are some very nice berries.