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Bumble bees buzz

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French Market Coffee

I wanted to give a shout out to a new brand of coffee (for me) that I have tried this past week.  I had gone shopping and discovered it up on the top shelf and well it spoke to me so I looked at it and discovered that like Community Coffee it is grown here in Louisiana so I had to give it a try.

It is a beautiful coffee full body without the bitterness and very excellent flavor.  Just love it so I am including a link here for anyone who would like to check it out.  Frenchmarket Coffee


My Friends Don’t Be Fooled



I have been doing a project called listening to every idea out there over the last few months and it has been both rewarding and scary.  We have so many voices out there filling our ears and hearts with dread but if you just step back and take a closer look the negative is not founded expect in the fears that another is trying to spread or has themselves.

My hearts desire is to once again express that the world is connected but not as tough we are one being shared in many bodies but that as humans we are alike even in our differences but it is our differences that join us in a musical dance called life.

The world has changed but yet if you read some form of history and look at today’s newspaper you will see how what has changed today is progress but much of trials and problems as still similar to what was expressed in the past.

My friends do not be fooled into thinking all is lost because were there is the human spirit of love and compassion nothing is lost.


Live Full in The Moment

It has occurred to me that I need to make a news year resolution when it comes to my blog.  I have fallen to just one style of writing and trying to cater to what others seem to enjoy.  It has been a lot of fun and I cannot complain but I would like to added more blog post on some tips on everyday living for us folks who just plain live simple

I heard a made on Coast to Coast Am last night talking about time and the idea we have of time.  He was talking about how during mayor events time will seem to slow and he said that he realized it was because for the particular time the reason time slows is because we are actually fully in the moment and not distracted.  I thought this is great and all the more reason why all of us should offer tips (well written) and stories as it is a way to dwell fully in the moment and at the same time give that moment to someone else.

So I want to share more moments with you all and if you happen to have more in life then me smile with me and allow me to share with those like me.


The New Year

I can’t help but feel the New Year is off to a great start even with the usual cold chill here in Louisiana.  I see people fighting for freedom of self and the right to have a government of their own choice and it makes me excited to be alive today.

I have been made so acutely aware this year of groups of people who would love to see us all under the thumb of one government and one thought pattern but my friends I will tell you each of us is like a song unsung and so special.  To those in the struggle for a better country and life for yourselves I say congratulations and may you be blessed.

Just a few thoughts and many wishes for a wonderful New Year for all.


I Woke Up Yesterday to An Amazing Surprise

I woke up yesterday to an amazing surprise.  The yard  seemed to be whited through my steamed windows so I had to clear the glass and take another look to see if it was real, and to my amazement it was.  Louisiana does not often get snow and this was a great treat for us.  Though now the next few days will be a hard freeze being in the twenties the next two nights.

My garden will suffer but I am glad to say I had the wisdom to bring in my citrus trees and plants that I had outside.


School is In!

I want to thank so many of you for liking my posts and sending me comments.  I really have grown to love WordPress so much and all of you.  I am going to the library to post and read as many blogs as I can so be patient with me.  If you do not have a blog with wordpress check out this link WordPress blogging site.

We were approved again for homeschooling and are having a busy blast.  This year I am using textbooks I have been blessed to find in the free section of the library  This is a challenge as you need to check for the books materials to make sure all is up to date and right level for the child’s age and needs.

The library is still offering small classes for science and we will be starting back on those this fall.  See Rapides Parish Library. in Alexandria, LA or check with your library to see what they do with donated books.

Thank you all again for your fellowship.