I Woke Up Yesterday to An Amazing Surprise

I woke up yesterday to an amazing surprise.  The yard  seemed to be whited through my steamed windows so I had to clear the glass and take another look to see if it was real, and to my amazement it was.  Louisiana does not often get snow and this was a great treat for us.  Though now the next few days will be a hard freeze being in the twenties the next two nights.

My garden will suffer but I am glad to say I had the wisdom to bring in my citrus trees and plants that I had outside.


School is In!

I want to thank so many of you for liking my posts and sending me comments.  I really have grown to love WordPress so much and all of you.  I am going to the library to post and read as many blogs as I can so be patient with me.  If you do not have a blog with wordpress check out this link WordPress blogging site.

We were approved again for homeschooling and are having a busy blast.  This year I am using textbooks I have been blessed to find in the free section of the library  This is a challenge as you need to check for the books materials to make sure all is up to date and right level for the child’s age and needs.

The library is still offering small classes for science and we will be starting back on those this fall.  See Rapides Parish Library. in Alexandria, LA or check with your library to see what they do with donated books.

Thank you all again for your fellowship.

Blogging At The Library

I am always amazed at what the library offers. Though as a child I spent so little time at a library I grew up to find libraries more than useful. If you like relaxing and people watch the library is for you. Personally, I love getting lost in the books. Still ours here have been offering classes, coloring time for adults, movies and well lots of good reads. They have a lot of auto books as well for those who are doing crafts like knitting but still what a good read.
I am taking advantage of the internet these days. Going to use it for my blogs and write posts up at home then send them to the blog the next day. Let’s see how that helps.
Blogging at The Library

I saw her sitting there
Looking as if she was doing
Nothing so I sat beside her and waited
When she did not look up
I cleared my throat and when she failed to notice
I said excuse me my name is……
She looked up then and said
Excuse me can’t you see I’m blogging?


I will be blogging at the library myself so I hope to see you there.  If anyone is ever in the great Town of Alexandria LA.   I recommend going to the library to spend some time and check out what they have to offer.  City of Alexandria LA or see Alexandria Library .

Appreciate Yourself You are A Part of A Pattern

Have you every looked at patterns around you.  Like the way grass will blow together in a pattern?  How sand makes a beautiful pattern with the waves or how a weaver designs a rug, a piece of cloth.

Would it surprise you to know that we as human beings form a pattern that is not just functional but very beautiful.  Think of it.  YOU are a beautiful part of a whole pattern of loving universe of people.

Now I am not talking a religious belief at least not as you are thinking.  I am talking about how special you are.  Everyday I go shopping, play a fishing game on the internet, walk down the street, ride the city bus, and greet people and I am amazed at how rude people are and uncaring.

I realized that it is a chain reaction to each being made to feel they are not cared for or appreciated but I would like to try and break that chain by letting you know you are a gift to each of us.

Appreciate yourself as a part of a pattern that is both beautiful and unusual.  Wonderful and unreplaceable.  Here is just one link I found on appreciate yourself on the net: www.marcandangel.com ,  I also copied one saying from there that I thought was very interesting and true see what you think.  Screenshot_19

I thought this was true because if we allow ourselves to stay were we feel unappreciated then we drown and become people willing to hurt others to make ourselves feel better and that starts and unending chain of hurting others.

So know that I appreciate you and please appreciate yourself YOU are worth it.




One Year Of Writing


I am so happy to get this congratulations from wordpress.  It has been a fun and special year for me and busy.

In 23 days my blog will be changing hopefully to a free account as I requested but it will not be found on the kazshomemadetips.com web page so I maybe starting over and will have to find you all again.

Keep on writing and keep on looking appreciate all of your tips and help along the way, Karen.

Changes Coming

Wanted to give everyone a head’s up.  My premium account is going to expire in about 20 days and my word press blog will hopefully go to a free blog account under suekaren4 if all works out.

I hope to be keeping all of you and that you will be able to find me.

Stuck In the Middle With You

I started off my day with this song on my tongue and as I was wondering why I could not help but think how lucky I am to be stuck in the middle with you.  I could have been a clown or a joker but I am stuck with the group in the middle and it is a pretty wonderful spot to be in anyway here is a link if anyone would like to listen to this song.  I had always found it fun, and a happy song.  WWW.bing.com


I have for you also who wrote it and preformed it.  Screenshot_19