My hen’s at home

A little hard to photo chickens as I found out this am and Wyandotte’s are no exception.  This is a photo taken during the morning feeding.  They are always waiting in the am with their gentle clucks and running feet for me at the front of their outdoor run.  Mine have a out door run because I do not live out in the country but rather just at the edge of city limits.  So they are what you would call urban chickens.

The run offers them a secure feel and they do not mind the stray cats that come by to be feed everyday.  Now I keep people away from my chickens as well as water birds as this what the pamphlet I picked up at the feed store recommend for the control of bird diseases.  Believe it or not they even ask in the pamphlet for you to wash your car or truck down to the tires in bleach after going to the feed store.  Yes they are really pushing for more careful handling of your chickens.  I even have a number to call if my birds are sick to report that and get aid in curing them?

Anyway, mine are still as healthy as can be and can be quiet the characters.   Some are quiet friendly and like to come to the door for a pet before eating.  Now this little guy is quiet independent he is the exotic chick I was given.  I say he but I am hoping it is a she because I don’t want to have more chicks myself.


Sandy my mop top chicken by karen smith 6/2016

My blue laced hens are not as colorful as some I have seen but the nature of these chickens is truly quiet and easy going.


A hen at the water bottle by Karen Smith 6/2016

You may note the water bottle.  Chickens love to scratch and I was always checking their water to make sure it was clean this way I can check it for freshness and it is always clean.  They loved the water bottles as it gives something to pick at seems to be another trait that chickens most do during the day.  I picked up my water bottles from Wal mart pet sections these are for rabbits and hold about a quart of water.  I bought them two for now as I have several birds.