The fun begins

Alright what the photo for the post says about this blog entry is that even troubles can have a magical air about them.  The photo is not mine coming from a shared online message.  

When I signed off yesterday I decided to reapply for my daughter’s up and coming school year.  The application was easily done within 5 minutes.  Showing that Louisiana in so many ways is very up there in technical issues and web designs.  At this point I urge all homeschooling parents to be aware of state laws and requirements for home schooling.  Louisiana homeschool requirements are clearly seen in the link I have provided and state very simply that all home schooled children should use the same or above material that the local schools  use not the same as in the books used but in the material taught.  It is also important to teach them at their grade level.  Now each parent knows their child better so if your child is a step ahead I recommend having them tested this will avoid issues of questions asked about your schooling practices.

After I sent my application off, I decided to look for a full curriculum set now this is were the fun comes in.  I went to every site there was and to find a full set is rare and expensive at least in my pocket but not impossible if you want to pay the costs.  Last year I used the Horizons with teachers guides; extra drills and activities; test; student work books; etc.  It had cost me about $850. 00  and I was hoping this year by starting ahead to get actual books in hand for cheaper buy shopping around.  ;   and  are a couple of places I did most of my search from.  I also took a look at ebay and amazon.  Needless to say I ended up with strained eyes but no luck in finding a price range I was looking for.

One of the things I am considering in finding books is to make sure they are grade level, up to date (math requires are changing all the time) and something that if asked for materials used I can proudly show it.  When I reapplied this year that is what they asked for is a list of material used and or work of the child etc.  Also with 3rd grade starts the leap test so what to make sure what she is learning prepares her for the test.  Which of course as a homeschool parent you pay for yourself.

I look forward to this year and plan even to try a fundraiser or two to help with field trip costs and outside classes.