True life crime

I dont give a very many book reviews in my blog I read and I read a lot but to be honest I read books or read books that aren’t brand new so I wouldn’t be unsure what anybody has read.

What’s the other day while I was at the library I picked up some brand new books they got from James Patterson I read a lot of his fictional work but he is now writing some true life crime stories and being interested in nose for my ID channels I thought I’d pick him up and see how how well he wrote True Crime.

I also picked up kiss book on All American murderer the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez. The book is fast-moving and interesting picking up a lot on Aaron’s beginning life and then eating even to catch her some of his personality but it also to me demonstrates how Bolton high school college and the NFL replace football so high and on a pedestal.

It is a shame to see how much trouble some of these kids would get into that would be ignored because they were ball players. In fact it seem like in some states that was more so truth and didn’t others or at least I would hope.

The book officer shows pictures and photographs of him at various stages and some of his family photos and friends that he hung out with. It also shows the brain sections that they took from him to do research on to Discover app concussions can cause so much damage does to change a person’s personality.

These images we’re pretty interesting and there did appear to be several small holes but it would be hard to explain but if you’re curious the book would be an interest just to look at that.

But what he says about Aaron and errands earlier days and almost seems like these problems that he had were with him from the very beginning so it makes a very good read and if anybody was kind of curious about this young man I would recommend reading it.
That’s James Patterson All American murderer the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez.


Knowing Is Half The Battle

I have been busy, as I know in one way or other we all have been, I have two paths of inquiry I have been seeking out and have
mainly just posted poems which seem to be my most popular posts. During these inquiries I have made numberous discoveries
about secrets and little know facts that I have been at loss to know how to move forward.
It hasn’t help that it seems that libraries now are getting rid of pyshcial books due to computers and digital books.
I prefer paper myself as it is easier on the eyes and less damaging. Another, I believe is a desire to be more controling of
what we read. I have had to go and order books from one library to my library myself so as not to upset the librarians.
Now I will take this point to say that there just is so much out there to learn. It is vast but I love it and one thing that
sticks out is how wonderful people are. I think the more you know the better we handle differences and value them as
well. I mean why is there a big push to make a one world government when each country is so special and wonderful.
Every human being is trully a gift.
Anyway, I will add some links later and suggest that everyone that can pick up a book. Like GI Joe show the kids
would watch use to say KNOWNING IS HALF THE BATTLE.

Google book search

Students from US can read books

Online library

I have not tried any of the links but the link which is good.  I am just getting to were I would like to encourage all of us to read with me being the one I most focus on so much to learn.

Blogging At The Library

I am always amazed at what the library offers. Though as a child I spent so little time at a library I grew up to find libraries more than useful. If you like relaxing and people watch the library is for you. Personally, I love getting lost in the books. Still ours here have been offering classes, coloring time for adults, movies and well lots of good reads. They have a lot of auto books as well for those who are doing crafts like knitting but still what a good read.
I am taking advantage of the internet these days. Going to use it for my blogs and write posts up at home then send them to the blog the next day. Let’s see how that helps.
Blogging at The Library

I saw her sitting there
Looking as if she was doing
Nothing so I sat beside her and waited
When she did not look up
I cleared my throat and when she failed to notice
I said excuse me my name is……
She looked up then and said
Excuse me can’t you see I’m blogging?


I will be blogging at the library myself so I hope to see you there.  If anyone is ever in the great Town of Alexandria LA.   I recommend going to the library to spend some time and check out what they have to offer.  City of Alexandria LA or see Alexandria Library .

Getting Caught Up

The summer is starting out busy trying to throw reading in the mix.  Maegan and I are doing the summer reading project together at the local library.  Maegan is aiming for a 100 books while I only have to read 5.  Anyway, I had to play catch up with my book the last couple of days so I am behind in the blog.

The tomato garden up front has done well and we have been getting more tomatoes this year then any other year so  I am happy with my were I get advise on when to plant for my area.

I am missing some of the people I follow from my reader and am having to fin d a way to see your new posts so I am working on getting caught up reading posts too.  Some  very nice poems and photography out there this week.

A big thank you to my new followers also.   So I am getting caught up and will be adding some of you to my reader list.

Summer Reading Program

Maegan had wanted to do the summer reading program this year with the main library here in Alexandria LA.  So yesterday we went to the internet and signed up.  Well while we were there I discovered I could do it as well so why not, lead by example right?  Well I only have to read 5 books which amazes me as I cut my teeth on books.  I was reading adult books by 3rd grade, just love to read.  Don’t worry I read what was known then as Gothic’s which I loved as they were full of adventure, history, suspense and the hero was always a woman.

Great books.  We anyway not to many good gothics out there now a days so I am going to start my reading off with a book I got free from the library written by Harlan Coben.  Called Play Dead it is about a woman who goes and get married only to have her husband go out for a swim and not return.  Sounds so good.  He says this is a book he wrote about 20 years ago and just recently published it so when I read it I will tell you some about it and what I think.  Ok?