Dragon Flies Hang out In the Tall Grass


Back yard field trips can be a lot of fun  Here we are looking for different butterflies.  Trying to see how many come to Louisiana and determine what they eat or the favorite plants they love to dwell in.  We get a lot of skipper butterflies that love the tiny flowers that grow in the grass close to the ground.

Also the dragon flies hang out in the tall grass looking for mosquitos and it is amazing to see the large numbers they fly in and the different colors they come in.

This is a great way to learn how to do your own yard to be more insect friendly.


Returning Butterflies

I mentioned in a past blog about my potted citrus trees, they are grapefruit trees to tell the truth, and how every year a swallow lays it eggs on it leaves and has done so for the past three years.  Well today I caught one in action and was available to get a shot of it to share.  This also fits in with establishing an eco system in your yard.

The returning butterflies seem to get bigger every year also.  Take a look.

Now it is long an a little dizzying but it is worth it to see the size of this butterfly and see it lay it’s eggs on the underside of the grapefruit leaves.