To write or not to write

I have always admired Winston Churchill but had never thought I would find a saying of his that encouraged my dream to write.  I always thought I would love to make or ink out a living with the pen or well now the keyboard, but the fact that I saw myself failing at it  kept me from every really trying.

Yesterday at church a Pastor told us that as we get older we lose our creative part of our thinking and therefore become more fearful of the world around us.  I thought it made sense and was determine to keep the creative thoughts and more positive images in my mind.   So I am encouraging myself and hopefully others to do the creative things that keep our minds as youthful and full of hope to the end of our days.

So last night I did a search to find the one thing I wrote back in 1999/2000 to see if it was still out there and  available.  I had no hard copy of it and my computer has changed many times since then.  Now the web is a very helpful tool in my opinion!  I typed in poems by Karen Smith and the very first suggested sites  was the one I wanted, I had no idea after all the things I had done these last few years what the site was but I found it easily.  I just hit the link and found the search page and after a few tries there it was.

Day’s Begun

By Karen Sue Smith

The Rose offers up it’s face
splattered with dawn dew grace
A glorious annoucement the day’s begun.
The birds sing combined in a chorus
like a heavenly song
A glorious annoucement the day’s begun.
The breeze gently blows by
touching the cheek as an angels kiss
A glorious announcement the day’s begun.
The saints offer up their prayers
by the mornings soft light
A glorious annoucement the day’s begun

Writing can be fun and  there are many sites now that  you can publish your ebooks on line here are a few.  Booktango; Nookpress; Amazon;  and Smashwords to name a few.

So let’s keep our creative side of our brains and write.