Blood Orange Tree on The Bud

It has been a very usually cold winter here in Alexandria and I had to bring my potted citrus trees inside to keep them from freezing so I was surprised when I discovered that the blood orange tree is full of buds.  I would have thought that moving them back and forth would have set it off from blooming.  The blooms are very small and not near ready to open so I hope not to have to move it as orange trees can lose blooms with sudden weather changes.

Now I have mentioned before that the blood orange gives fruit only once every three years and the last time it bloomed I was only rewarded it with one large and very flavorful orange.  It is a small tree and not very old so maybe this will be the year of more fruit?  Keep your fingers crossed.


The pot has limits!

I wrote about some trees I have that have done very well in a large pot in the yard.  And they continue to do well but the pot has limits.  My pomegranate trees always seem to get so heat stressed in their large pot.  I drove past a good size pomegranate tree today that was full of leaves and fruit.  So for them I think I will plant them this fall.  Fall is the best time to plant trees.

My dwarf citrus do fair but they tend to get colder in the pots during the winter and I have lost several.  My two grapefruits are still struggling to come back after a good freeze two winters ago.