Angry Places

Wild beauty found

Within angry places

Magic birthed

By Karen Smith

NaPoWriMo photo prompt day 8


Angry Sky

Looking up into the angry sky

I start to wonder if I should fly

away from here with this uncertain threat

that looms above my head

where to go the air seems to say

I do not know but should I stay?

As I turn to and throw

my thoughts seem to grow

with a wisdom I did not know

could be inside my soul

Hold your ground

let your faith go

and the strength that is there

can not be torn from here

let peace flow as gentle flowers

from the heart of your belief


Poem of sorts by Karen Smith

photo’s also by Karen Smith


I have always enjoyed clouds from the time as a child counting the shapes in them and looking up at their fluffy but yet somehow pressing undersides.  They are a friend offering shade after a long hike or hide your shadow on a river bank while your catching that monster trout.

I rode in a plane sometime last year for the first time and was amazed and yes frighten to see the thunder clouds rising up to  surround the plane and hide it from view below.  Still it amazing me to how important they are for telling weather and even wind conditions.

This is a good site to use in helping children learn about clouds and help them understand the use in weather forecasting.  Above is a picture I got from this site.  Anyway, no matter how you consider them nothing takes away their magic and their friendly efforts to block the hot sun got to love them.

I love the song from Joni Mitchell that goes like this.

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