Rounded Beauty

Swimming jumping seeking

Lovely graceful pond fish


by Karen Smith



Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power

I have heard it said

but never had I believed it

until a book was read

You have tried to fool me

you thought I would never know

but I picked up a book today

and now you fool me none.


poem and photo by Karen Smith


Get Your Party On?

I went to a birthday party yesterday and had a very good time but I have a question for everyone.  At this party they kept warning the quest that when they say the Happy Birthday song for any family member that after the English version, they say the Jewish version and in the family the one that does not sing does not get cake.  Well this was said in a joking matter so I am sure no one in their family misses out on cake but when they say the Jewish version all the guest were stuck just standing there.

I am wondering who like me feels that the guest should have been helped to sing a long?  It was an uncomfortable moment for me as I also had kids with me that I am bringing up to have respect for other cultures and nationalities.  I mean in any country anymore you only have to walk next door to be face to face with another persons culture.  What do you all think?  What would you do to get your party on?