Kudzu a Misplaced Beauty

I’ve been hearing a lot this morning and over the last few months of how we mistreat people trying to come into America in an unlegal way.

But I wonder if we consider why others come in and if we wonder at what would happen to the poor we have not helped in our own country first. I personally believe that when you got a heavy load of your own problems that a country would best suit itself to adhere to the needs they need to fix.

I think that we should also consider that each country is filled with extreme Beauty and extreme people. For instance, would not go to the jungles and tell Headhunters that they needed to stop existing so I may wish they did. But I believe all people are blessed where their planet and that if we were to change the world as Reverend Martin Luther King Junior would have wanted we would accept each other’s differences and accept our own homes and Bloom where we’re planted.

I would think that we would take the lessons of nature and consider how when we move one plant from its native country where God hasn’t intended it to be we cannot foresee problems that this may cause. I chose the Kudzu as an example but I’m also considering an example cause plants to be extinct or animals.

So I say to all That America is not racist or cruel because we do not keep our borders open and allow all to come in and feed them all, but rather not able to care for the whole world and have of Desire As Americans to see the whole world beautiful and independent.

So I challenge each individual to stay where you are and Bloom. Reverend dr. Martin Luther King Junior gave his life so that individuals can have peace freedom Independence and work towards ending poverty in the world. But he did not go to another country he stayed in his own country and paste all the difficulties and great they were to accomplish what few men have done. So please all America is a country with borders like yours let’s all work together to make our own countries beautiful.

Remember the Kudzu a misplaced Beauty.

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Get Your Party On?

I went to a birthday party yesterday and had a very good time but I have a question for everyone.  At this party they kept warning the quest that when they say the Happy Birthday song for any family member that after the English version, they say the Jewish version and in the family the one that does not sing does not get cake.  Well this was said in a joking matter so I am sure no one in their family misses out on cake but when they say the Jewish version all the guest were stuck just standing there.

I am wondering who like me feels that the guest should have been helped to sing a long?  It was an uncomfortable moment for me as I also had kids with me that I am bringing up to have respect for other cultures and nationalities.  I mean in any country anymore you only have to walk next door to be face to face with another persons culture.  What do you all think?  What would you do to get your party on?