Flowers Genetically Engineered

I ran into an article this morning that talked about us flower sellers destroying flowers that re genetically engineered.  This amazes me as it would seem to be harmless and one would think what’s wrong with a new flower with intense color?  There isn’t any risk to humans or the environment but there is a special license they need to introduce these flowers on the markets.

Here is a list of flowers that are genetically engineered and not licensed:


It is a shame that the flowers are petunias as I love them and brighter colors would make them even more appealing but this is a good idea to guard against introducing new plants without much testing.  So often we do this and the native plants and eco systems suffer as the new plants take over.  Just food for thought.

Here is the link for the article it comes from the .  Check it out and if  you have a idea on the subject leave a message in the comments.

*Note the photo is not a picture of one of the altered plants.



The Push: DNA

Just a few more comments on some articles I wrote on what I feel is a push to draw people into getting their DNA done.  Yesterday while trying to keep track of all the leading news stories there was a quiet news segment on DNA testing done by 24 and me that is being used to gather information for people so that they can see if they have the gene for things like cancer and well many of the leading killers.

But I am in agreement with those who say that it is more harmful for us to know as having the genetic makeup for an harmful illness is not the only factor that is involved in determining if we get it.  A good diet, lots of clean air, reduced stress and keeping connected with those around you will do amazing things to keep you healthy.

My tip in this is that I would avoid getting my DNA done.  I don’t want to sound strange but it is odd how much they are advertising for DNA testing.  Find you heritage, Check the age of your cells, find lost relatives.  I would avoid the push: DNA .

DNA To Test Your Age

Ok the other day I did a blog post on what I feel is a effort to get the masses to have their DNA tested and I have wondered why.  As you remember I mentioned that they put a push to find out what your ancestry is or to whether you are German instead of French.

They  also make a drive to have you test your DNA to find long lost relatives.  That might be a plus or well one would think anyway.  I did a credit check several months ago and they were trying to give me relatives I was not related to and well lets just say the lists of their errors was long.  So if I got tempted to change my resolve to have my DNA tested this would probably be the best one to decide on.  Don’t get me wrong I love all people and want the best for everyone but I know our world has a problem seeing passed  lawless relatives.

But still I am determined to avoid DNA.  I mean who else will be aware of or have excess to these results.  Then today another commercial comes on channel 69 saying have your DNA test done to find out how old you really are.  Yes that is right they can use your DNA to determine the actual age of you cells and DNA structure.

Now this tempts me, if you can find out how your inside structure is doing then you can correct any errors you have made with life time habits right?  On the home page they say control how well you age.  Check it out.  I know this is a little more tempting to me but I think I will continue to hold off on making a decision.  Will you do a DNA to test your age?


The DNA Push

The last couple of years I have been noticing a push for getting your DNA done.  Some of the ideas for the push seem so well awesome.  Like find out were you come from maybe even find some little know family history.  Draws me heavily I might add.  For years I had always wanted to know am I really an American Indian, do I have Scottish or English like my grandmother said.  But as I matured I realize well I know who I am I am an American.  I mean if I was say 100% Scottish blood line would I really be Scottish if I have never set a foot there?

Anyway, that is not the true point of this post.  I am just very curious of the DNA push that is going on now.  There are programs for finding lost family members and yes you guessed it you give an DNA sample that is then entered into their database.  Of course, I agree with the law for collecting DNA of people arrested because being a noble citizen I believe you break the law you chose to give up your rights

There comes to mind that there is one more DNA for collection to give the average citizen some helpful knowledge about themselves and it is find out if you have an illness or health issue that you may not be aware of what a better way right to get an over all health checkup?  Well I can not help but wonder what is up with all this.  Then yesterday there was a member of our great leadership saying that he felt that our government should be set up to take care of all serve health care issues like cancer for one.  Which would seem logical except no government of people can afford that I believe it needs to be a change in the health care industry but listening to him I wondered is this the reason for getting more and more people to invest in their own DNA check.

They had a push on Fox Friends the other day were you type in the word Fox when ordering from one of the find your heritage sites.  I set and wondered I mean everyone on the set had their done and many were surprised when they turned out Swedish and not Scottish for instance.  So hearing this man talk about the need for government to take care of all the heavy health issue  I wondered are they collecting the DNA to give more results into their database of possible people who will need this kind of care somewhere down the road.  This would help them more cheaply argue their case before the house and senate.  Just a thought.

I am planning on staying away from it anyway.