Give a dog a “treat”

Looking for fundraising ideas a few days back I came upon the idea of making homemade dog treats and selling them to dog owners as a way to make money for your cause or school.  A good idea I thought but it was not entil today that I realized just how nice of an idea it was.

Looking through the web this morning I stumbled upon and easy to make recipe that looked just right for this idea.  It is a fish and turmeric snack that would be very healthful to the animal. Having health benefits turmeric would be a great addition to your dog diet so I am including the link found at the beginning of this sentence to show benefits and precautions you may find helpful.

I am including the link for the barktime site were you can get the recipe and more.




I have included the recipe here as well but please check out their site.  I was so thrilled to find this recipe and have already shared it with my sister in Idaho.