Let’s Dump The Unwanted Off

Several days ago I kept hearing puppies crying.  I would go out and not see them but still the noise would come around.  Then the other day we looked out and saw two 3 month old puppies just playing around this mobile home and I hopefully told my daughter see they belonged there.

But my daughter was broken hearted because only one of the puppies seemed to be allowed in the house while the other sat and cried for hours.  I told I can’t help it maybe they wanted and indoor and outdoor guard dog.  Well she was so upset that I gave her permission to ask and she found out they had been dumped off so she asked for the puppy being ignored and low and behold she had a sweet pet.

She has taken the responsibility seriously and has been a good mom so I am happy I allowed her to adopt this sweet baby.  Any way we need to change the idea of let’s dump the unwanted off.



Child and puppy happy together




Bobbie is a cute adult dog I got the honor to add to my household as his owner could no longer keep him and had to keep him out running around the trailer park I live in.   He hates collars and leashes so he does not do tied up out side or walks on a leash.   Believe me it is a terrible sight to see him on a leash so we don’t do leashes.  Bobbie is a doll nd the best little pal I have come to know.