The King of The Sea

The king of the sea set pondering playing amongst his watery throne

Waiting and waiting answers to come Sunset and moonrise still nothing comes

Alas a full moon morns beside him unable to abase his sorry no answers yet have come

Still the seas continue with each wave comforted in the understanding the world is in it’s place

Let the king ponder his time wasted life is ever moving better to jump on in and swim

By Karen Smith

GloPoWriMo photo prompt day 3


Our We Human Beings or Monsters

I will probably be a little mean here because I can not see how in an age of research, understanding and wonder we could still want to go an aim a gun at an animal just to bring home it’s body parts.  And to do so to an animal that is highly intelligent and wonderfully loyal is beyond me.  Yes they are hunting big game animals and making furniture out of them.

I felt so helpless because I had even went so far as to write the President to state my opinion on this subject which is so out of character for me and it seem to work but the the wonderful court systems of my beloved country have decided to overrule this decision to ban hunting and so there you go.  My heart is heavy so I plea to all of us around the world to answer this question WHY?

We close circuses so kids can no longer see elephants or lions or tigers because they were cruel but we kill them for a craved piece of jewelry.  A Queen should be ashamed to have such a jem.


Is the picture you would like to be known for.  I hope never to see this person in my life.  Elephants mate for life, take a long time to have children and are so loving to each other so we kill them.  I think we would do better to learn from them.  Heaven help us all for what we are.

I am going to share a portion of an article I found on

Screenshot_77 is the link if you would like to read the whole article.

So today I am in sorrow but I wonder when would I be able to end the sorrow.  Do I go to your house or remain away for fear of the elephant coffee table I may find!   Are we human beings or monsters?

Foraging A Way of Life

I have gotten into my head lately that I want to start some notebooks at home on foraging.  I started thinking about this as well it seems we as people are to dependent on what is brought to us in the way of food.  So much is processed in ways that well are not healthy but yet have not been approved by the average person.  So one of the advantages of making ends meet is it makes you think of options.

So I am getting started this week with my notebooks to keep with me until I get more and more educated on edible plants and flowers.  Of course, one of the big things to consider also is were you are getting them to eat for example gathering edible flowers from the side of a road may not be a good idea as of chemicals from cars, and spraying for weed control along the road side.

So foraging a way of life may just be a good idea to get started at as well as learning to grow organically and raise vegetables in containers as well. is a good link for monthly ideas of foraging as well as for beginners.  Here is a good site from the UK as well .

Remember not to litter while out and about and be considerate of the ecosystem where you are foraging.