The death of a eggplant

My garden continues to grow go some things are going better than others. These here are the Kuro Tomatoes I started from seed which are doing better than the ones I bought from the store that were bigger.

They’re now getting about 3 feet tall and have a few blooms which I self-pollinated today and tomorrow I need to bring out the chicken wire and reinforce their support cuz I have them in tomato cages but the tomato cages don’t seem to hold them very well as they get bigger and heavier.

But my little eggplant was doing good but I went out one morning and all the leaves but one where cut off of it and my sister said she thought it was a slug so I put a ring of salt around it not too close or so I thought but when I went out the next day it was all dried up.

Anyway I believe that I’d probably be too late to try to plan another one at this time even if it was a bigger plant as the heat is slowly increasing getting up into the 80s during the day and only being in the high 60s overnight. Most plants that you grow do better with the temperatures cooler like peas and I don’t know anything about a plant’s like I said before.

I also started some Forget Me Not seeds when it was cool I believe in February and I noticed today finally I see some buds coming up so hopefully it will Bloom before it gets too warm as forget-me-nots are definitely cold weather flower.

I’m going to try over the winter months to remember to throw more table scraps out and then cover it with a mulch type thing to help add fertilizer to the soil without adding commercial fertilizer. My problem with that is been that most of the plants that can grow you you start again in the fall so it’s hard to know when it’s actually a winter to put on products to winterize your soil.

My blackberries are loaded this year but then so are the birds we seen have tons of birds around so I’m praying that they don’t discover my blackberries. Going to try to free some of them for the winter months Blackberry produces berries all summer so there should be plenty to eat too.

My peace did really well at least I was far as Bush’s went and it’s they seem to bloom to lot but always seem to find a lot of birds over there and I don’t know if the birds eat the P so we’ll see how many I actually get I might have to buy netting the next time I grow them.

The main theme of this blog post is to update everybody on my eggplant adventure and to let you know that I’ve experienced the death of an eggplant.

Well I’ll photo credits Belong To Me Karen Smith taken by Mike cell phone camera so they may not be all that clear to look at pixel wise.



I am growing eggplant for the first time in my garden. Got the idea that I wanted to slice it then and use it for a noodle and bake with tomato sauce and cheese.

I have never grown it before and I am told it grows like a pepper plant. They are related to the nightshade family and are grown for their fruit.

I looked it for it’s nutrition value and have shared the above link with you. I have found steam is the best way to cook eggplant keeping more of it’s nutrients this way.

I also found that scientists are trying to find ways to reduce Eggplant’s bittertaste.

I will let you know how I fair growing this and share my recipe as it grows.

Happy Bat Day

Check out @Interior’s Tweet:

I for one who had to share this with you in my blog I have learned to love bats living here by the Bayou. The bats I see here love to eat mosquitoes.
You’ll see them flying around just as it gets dusk and a lot of times I’ve wondered why they’ve never tried to touched my hair since I read somewhere that they do have a tendency to do that but nonetheless it is always reassuring to know they’re out there hunting for mosquitoes just before dark.

Of course of garden freaks can appreciate the fact that bats are also known to help propagate certain types of fruit by spreading pollen. Nice sometimes right about bees and other pollinating creature such as the Bumblebee. And I think I have at times giving people the idea that you do not have to use care with these creatures. So at this point I just wanted to point out you can do a whole lot appreciation with your eyes and curiosity but keep your hands off.

Take a look at the from the USDA it’s about bats and bat Appreciation Day thanks and I hope you are having a good day.

Mulberries Delight

We had snow this year and a few days of colder then normal weather. I thought for sure my garden plants would be dead or suffer greatly but instead I have tons of fruit on every.

Even my purple Lady Banks is loaded and will be just a explosion of color when the flowers open up.

My biggest surprise is my Mulberries both trees have grown 6 feet since last spring and are full of small berries. They are tasty and delicious.

mulberries delight

Birds gather and fight

Quickly we gather

By Karen Smith

Creole Tomato


Creole Tomato

I have been having a time getting these little seedlings to grow.  Started them inside but they kept wilting away.  My daughter said perhaps the moisture in the house was to much for them so took them outside to keep the moisture down and even.  Seems to be working at least on this pot.  They are starting their second leaves now.

Screenshot_18Creole tomato myths vs. facts: There is not just one type of ‘Creole’. Creole tomatoes are not a particular cultivar. When farmers in Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes called their tomatoes Creole, it meant they were grown in the rich alluvial soil of the area and vine ripened because they did not have to be transported far to market.
Creole tomato myths vs. facts: There is not just one ,

Blood Orange Tree on The Bud

It has been a very usually cold winter here in Alexandria and I had to bring my potted citrus trees inside to keep them from freezing so I was surprised when I discovered that the blood orange tree is full of buds.  I would have thought that moving them back and forth would have set it off from blooming.  The blooms are very small and not near ready to open so I hope not to have to move it as orange trees can lose blooms with sudden weather changes.

Now I have mentioned before that the blood orange gives fruit only once every three years and the last time it bloomed I was only rewarded it with one large and very flavorful orange.  It is a small tree and not very old so maybe this will be the year of more fruit?  Keep your fingers crossed.