Time of The Tomato

Saturday I received an email from Old Farmers Alamac telling me it is now time to plant the second set of large tomatoes.  I had mention here a few back how I had signed up for a gardening calendar and email alerts when to plant as I grew up in the upper regions of the states and am so used to growing plants under different climate.  I could not grow things well here at al.

I am proud to say it is getting better now that I can consult my gardening calendar.  Anyway, finding the tomatoes was a challenge because yes no on sales them except for garden specific stores.  So I called Petrus today which is a feed and seed store and was relieved that they had some.

I went up and bought myself two Florida 91 tomatoes.  I grew this tomato last year and was very impressed by it.  Really stands up to the heat.  The link I am sending is from Bonnie and as some good information on this tomato.

Now it is time for the tomato.


How Fast a Tree Grows


At the beginning of spring I showed a photo of this seedling which I was supposing was that of a cherry pit I had started in the area.  At the time of the first photo this seeding was about 6 inches tall now it is about 2 and 1/2 feet tall.  I am amazed at how fast seedling trees grow.

I am not so sure it is a cherry tree as the leaves look so similar to the mulberry trees I purchased from a nursery but I am going to leave it in place and keep an eye on it to see how it  does.  I would so love for it to be a cherry tree.


The Tomato Worm

I went out to the garden to find I had tomato worms.  At first glance I was excited thinking they were Monarch caterpillars as the tomato worm is actually very nice looking worm.  I gathered what I found of them as well they had eaten quiet a bit of the plant they were on already.  The thing about them is they are not the least bit  worried about you standing there, the nerve of them.

Now I have to think about what to do as I really don’t want to put out anything to kill them as I might do damage to the eco system I am trying to develop in my garden and yard as a whole.  Anyway, I went looking them up on the net and here is some tips I got for those of us like me that think being a good manager of our world around us is the first best step in helping keep the world a better place.

Screenshot_8Tomato hornworms    I learned this year that the hornworms are in the soil at the being of the season so by tilling several times before planting will greatly reduce and control the pest.  I have lots of wasp in my garden but I guess not the ones that prey on these little worms.

Here is some tips for getting rid of these from the Almanac www.almanac.com.  I got the photo to show you what they look like from this link as well take a look.


We Grow Wild

I love the comments that are coming in and think it is one of the best functions of the blogging society.  I am trying to develop my skills at adding comments as to do so for a blog is different then anywhere else.  So when a friend of mine yesterday reminded me of the work to maintain black and raspberries in your garden I decided to start looking up some information on how to do this.

I ran across a site that gave a great deal of help in a short amount of words which really  helped me check it out www.gardeningknowhow.com .  I found out that blackberries only give berries on stalks that are 2 years old so once they bear fruit on a branch that branch can be cut to the ground during pruning

Raspberries can be cared for the same way as blackberries with the tipping and the pruning of old canes.  Here is a good link from the National Arbor Day check it out www.arborday.org .  And wikihow has not only information but nice illustrations on how to pick a plant, location to plant, etc… go see www.wikihow.com .

So thank you my friend for reminding of my blackberries as we will grow wild, we blackberry bushes.

Ever Changing

Lately I have been noticing how much life is ever changing.  This weekend my living room light switch decided to throw  some sparks so off I went to Homebase Sutherlands for some electrical repair supplies.  Well I looked at some how to videos on you tube first of course.  Well I used to work there and wow how it has changed.  Ever changing life goes on before us!

Well I finished the switch without hurting myself or burning down the house.  So we have return to normal here at least except for my garden.  My little girl picked me up some flowers for mother days and I did some changing of my front garden.



I straighten out the block and added about a foot to the flower bed.  Then we put in some flowers plus planted some water melon seed.  So my garden continues to grow in several ways.  I left the clover on purpose trying to keeps some of my beds with nature flowering plants that seem to attract bees and butterflies.

The Peace Rose

I am trying to grow a climbing peace rose in my garden.  The main plant has died years ago but before it died a branch had broken off and I planted it.  I was so glad I did as it has been growing steadily every year.  The rose got it name in 1944 one month after the liberation of France from the Pacific Rose Society as a request from it’s developer Papa Meilland.  During the war he had sent cuttings to several countries and only Italy, Germany, and the United States received the cuttings.  The Italian gardener were so impressed by the rose that they called it Giola meaning joy and the German gardeners called it Gloria Dei or the Glory of God.  The Americans like Peace and chose it in honor of the rose developer.

Papa Meilland produced the rose which was called 3-35-40.  He would later call the rose after his mother Madame A. Meilland whom he had called Claudia in the letters he had written to her during World War I.


I have not seen my rose bloom yet as the branch though mature enough to plant was a small one. Roses are great for cuttings and do best with a year old branch.  My daughter and I have grown many by cuttings.

Anyway, here is a shot if it in my garden along with some of the raspberries and what I think is a muskadine grape.